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Every child deserves the best possible start in life that a parent can provide; every mother and father wants the best for their children. Some work two or three jobs to keep up with the demands of life. Many would love to own a home but don’t meet the necessary income guidelines to purchase a home, nor do they have the creditworthiness or the huge out-of-pocket deposit to acquire a mortgage.

The City of Detroit has been demolishing many of these homes with some of the most beautiful wood trim work lost because the skill was not passed down to the next generation.

FSEDP sees a need for better use of these homes that could help low-income families and homeless families become homeowners of these abandoned and foreclosed properties. Families who don’t have an income can apply for the skills trade training program to earn a certification, obtain a job, and become a homeowner.

Not to mention the thousands of citizens in Detroit who could have benefited from living in one of these demolished homes but do not have the means or know-how to refurbish one of these homes.

Making these homes livable again will help make neighborhoods safer again, and the growth and business boom it would bring to the area would also create additional jobs as businesses return to Detroit. It also will strengthen the city of Detroit through property taxes.

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