Building resilient communities is possible when stakeholders unite to take on the challenge of raising and managing funds that support urban development initiatives.

Fresh Start Economic Development Project Inc’s goal is to elevate our people and surrounding areas by working together to generate funding, resources, and safe spaces for members of our community to grow and thrive in.

How will we do this?

We’ll do it together through skills training, recruitment of at-risk youth, housing improvements, affordable housing initiatives, and other innovative ways of working as one to solve problems that have affected us for generations.

Read on for the full story of how our combined efforts can impact urban development and help us make positive and lasting changes.

What Is Community-Based Fundraising?

Community-based fundraising is a powerful approach that leverages the collective effort of people within a community to raise funds for a specific cause or project. This method relies on the participation of local residents, businesses, and organizations, creating a sense of mutual cooperation and direct involvement in achieving a common goal.

Community-centric fundraising harnesses local resources and networks through activities like hosting events, online campaigns, and personal appeals, fostering a strong sense of unity and mutual support while achieving meaningful impacts that culminate in a more vibrant and inclusive urban center.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is the cornerstone of fostering meaningful neighborhood transformations, anchoring projects that rely on a broad spectrum of our local population. This inclusive approach encompasses a varied volunteer workforce. It actively seeks to involve disadvantaged and at-risk youth, aiming to create a tight-knit fabric of stakeholders who share a common goal.

The underlying mission is to forge robust bonds among all participants, building a sense of unity and shared purpose that transcends temporary engagement. The aim is to lay a foundation for enduring relationships and collaborative efforts that contribute to our community's well-being and growth.

It’s a strategy that underscores our belief that true progress is rooted in unity, inclusivity, and the active participation of every segment of our local population.

When we work in unison, we can ensure all voices are heard and valued on the journey toward positive community development.

Local Development Initiatives

The goal of raising funds for local development initiatives is to fund the establishment of programs that have far-reaching benefits for all community members.

Here’s what’s possible through a collective fundraising effort:

Skills Training Center

We can develop a construction skills training center that acts as a central hub for community-based initiatives, like skills training and safety courses, workshops, fundraisers, and youth mentoring classes.

It’s also a launching point for future initiatives that help members of our community access safe, affordable housing.

Job Skill Building

A welcoming and inclusive training center allows space for young people to cultivate job skills that give them confidence in their ability to make a positive contribution to our community.

The role of the training center is to connect youths with easy-to-access programs that give them valuable construction credentials and real-life work experience.

This is possible through:

  • The development of a construction skills training program and study materials for each student.
  • Hosting weekly safety classes to reinforce the safe and correct use of construction tools.
  • Creating a summer break work program for high school students.
  • Obtaining the credentials to provide certification for students who complete job training.

Creating Resources for New-to-the-Job Workers

Once students complete training classes, the training center will provide resources for students who are new to the workforce.

This includes:

  • Providing work uniforms or t-shirts for students joining the workforce.
  • Arranging transportation to take students from the office to the job site.

Abandoned Property Acquisition and Revitalization

Renovating and occupying Detroit’s abandoned and foreclosed homes is an opportunity to elevate our neighborhoods and improve access to housing for our at-risk and unhoused neighbors, families, and individuals struggling to qualify for traditional mortgages.

The beauty of a project like this is the idea that those who don’t currently have an income could benefit from our skills training resources, earn construction skills certifications, transition into a job, and become a homeowner.

Community Building

Strong community bonds are what make us unshakable in the face of challenges.

Community-orientated fundraising is a wise way to unite people for the greater good. Whether it’s retired teachers lending their skills to the skills development center or youths and their families looking to build lasting connections with their local environment, community-building activities harness the collective power of individuals to foster a sense of belonging and shared responsibility.

These engagements contribute to the physical revitalization of neighborhoods and help weave a tighter social fabric, empowering people to advocate for their needs and aspirations.

Encouraging participation from all community sectors ensures diverse perspectives are heard, creating more inclusive and equitable development strategies. Our inclusive approach catalyzes community resilience and innovation as people from different backgrounds come together to solve problems creatively.

Examining the Social Impact of Our Collective Urban Development Efforts

Empowering youth with skills, work experience, safety training, and a strong sense of community is the path to making positive changes that create new opportunities for all.

When abandoned and foreclosed homes are remodeled and made livable, neighborhoods become safer and attract new businesses. This increases employment opportunities and broadens the City of Detroit’s property tax base. A wider tax base is the foundation for essential services like water and sewage, parks and recreation, and youth services.

As communities become more vibrant through building remodeling, they become more resilient to socio-economic challenges. This holistic approach to urban development, which includes empowering youth, rehabilitating housing, enhancing safety, and promoting sustainability, lays the groundwork for a more inclusive, prosperous future.

By focusing on these interconnected elements, our collective urban development efforts can lead to thriving communities where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and contribute to Detroit’s resurgence.

Community-Centric Fundraising Gives the People a Voice in Urban Development

Community-centric fundraising democratizes urban development, giving residents a platform to voice priorities and concerns. This approach integrates community needs directly into planning processes, ensuring projects reflect local desires and contribute to meaningful change.

It empowers people to shape their environment, fostering ownership and a deeper connection to urban revitalization efforts.

Are you ready to get involved? Connect with Fresh Start Economic Development Project Inc at (313) 612-3991 for more information.