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Objectives: Short-term/Intermediate/Long term

Short-term (1) Visit with high school principals and juvenile detention centers and coordinate with the Principal and Warden about the FSEDP construction skill trade training program through pamphlets, flyers, and orientation meetings at each facility.

Intermediate-term (1) Finish renovating the training facilities at 15801 Livernois, Detroit, Michigan 48238, and have an open house for students and parents, workshops, fundraisers, and youth mentoring classes.

Long-term (1) To reduce recidivism in the Detroit Metropolitan Area.

(2) Renovate and occupy an abandoned foreclosed home in Detroit.

(3) Stronger neighborhoods by renovating homes, which will have an immediate impact on local businesses

(4) Teaching students a construction skill trade from FSEDP in Detroit, Michigan.

(5) Job creation through the obtaining of abandoned homes and working with FSEDP

Construction skill trade training program.

Objective # 1

Meet with the high school principal to get feedback on the best way to implement the FSEDP summer work training program. Meeting the department heads from Wayne County Juvenile Dentition Center to implement the construction skill trade training program through FSEDP information pamphlets.


  • [1.1] Schedule a conference meeting with the high school principal and send flyers home to the parents of each eligible student that meets the age requirements to work.
  • Meet with Warden in both female and male Juvenile Detention Centers in Detroit, Michigan. Schedule orientation time to meet with detainees and discuss the FSEDP skill trade learning program.

Objective # 2

FSEDP already has a commercial building for its offices at 15801 Livernois, Detroit, Michigan with easy access from Freeway 10, where orientations, fundraisers, recruiting, and training can occur.


  • [2.1] Neighborhood orientations in Detroit, Michigan 48238 to involve the community in our programs.
  • [2.2] Building renovations fundraiser to generate awareness in the community and opportunity to advertise FSEDP’s existence and purpose.
  • [2.3] Recruiting for volunteer work within the community for possible retired teachers and students.
  • [2.4] On-hand construction skill trade training, with power and hand tools, printed materials, and study guide pamphlets for each student.

Objective # 3

Detroit was once a thriving, beautiful city before the city planners, the 1967 riots, NAFTA, WTO, and the 2008 financial mishaps it experienced, and the city’s bankruptcy was over. Detroit is making a comeback; everything downtown, Cork Town, and Midtown has been revamped.

(Opinion formulated from the readings of How the U.S. Government Destroyed Black Neighborhoods, NAFTA, WTO, and the 2008 Financial Bubble)


  • [3.1] Create summer jobs for 21 youths for six to seven weeks, with a mentoring program.
  • [3.2] In some areas in Detroit where the whole block is abandoned, FSEDP will acquire those blocks to help make the neighborhood safe again.
  • [3.3] FSEDP is pursuing accreditation credentials through the Department of Labor to issue certification for the FSEDP construction skill trade training program.
  • [3.4] Once a student has successfully passed the FSEDP construction skill trade training program, they will be given certification for their achievements.
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